Steam Cleaning & Jet Washings

steamECPM services are often called upon at the end of lease agreements to refurbish/redecorate premises enabling our clients to sell or re-lease their properties.

We were recently called upon to reshape some office space/workshops, enabling our client to utilize their space efficiently creating more office space and also utilizing an old store room and turning this into a kitchen/canteen area. The reception area at these premises were redesigned and using stud walling, we redesigned the whole reception to create a smaller, warm inviting reception and creating two small offices in the process. We also redecorated all of the offices and workshops and fitted energy efficient lighting in the process. In 2009, ECPM was awarded a contract for a partial redecoration of a shopping centre in West Sussex.

As a result of this, our client instructed us to carry out a full decoration of a shopping centre they also managed in Surrey.