Electrical & Lighting

changinglampsECPM has been promoting new technologies with regard to energy efficiency and energy saving with regards to lighting and electrical fittings. We recently changed a whole lighting system on an industrial unit in East Sussex changing their whole light system to LED. The result was dramatic both in their lighting efficiency and also their energy saving. With more and more clients thinking of their carbon footprint Epcm are committed to innovation and moving on with technology within this area. We do installs on domestic, commercial and industrial  properties from as small as changing a socket or light switch to a complete re-wire. Our specialist teams will carry out various different specifications to enable the client to keep their fuel bills down whilst being energy efficient. We also do complete boiler installs and maintenance, as a company we are always conscious of client’s energy bills and can give several different options for premises or home.

– Conventional Boiler

– Ground Source Heat Pump

– Air Source Heat Pump

– Electric Boiler

All these systems are available dependent on your needs with a wide range of controls. The more up to date controls even have an app so you can control the heating from your phone making it the most energy efficient way to heat your home and we even do callouts.


This is a client’s outside socket, it was causing their power to trip on a consumer unit which we had installed a few years ago. As you can see this again is someone else’s shoddy work that we have replaced and fitted correctly.